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What UNESCO Islamabad does in Culture
Further to the Government of Pakistan's initiative to develop a National Culture Policy and in keeping with priorities highlighted in the policy document and UNESCO's Mid-term Strategy 2008-2013, UNESCO Islamabad has developed a mid-term programme for its culture activities. The overarching purpose of this programme is to assist the government in implementing the priorities identified within the framework of the national culture policy. In addition to the normative instruments of UNESCO for culture activities, the programme is underpinned by the following principles:

Promotion of Cultural diversity

Strengthening the link between culture and development

Safeguarding of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage

Conservation and protection of World Heritage Sites located in Pakistan are of utmost priority and despite the negligible budget allocation for its biannual regular programme, UNESCO Islamabad has succeeded in creating a general awareness regarding the universal significance of these sites through advocacy, networking and generating extra-budgetary resources.

Recognizing the urgency to protect and promote the invaluable cultural heritage of Pakistan, UNESCO and the Government of Pakistan have joined hands to map the cultural assets of the country. With generous support from the Government of Norway, a major initiative is being undertaken in the North West Frontier province, based on mapping out cultural resources, knowledge systems, from traditional arts and crafts to agricultural practices. The process will enable the documentation of the country's local traditions, skills and historic sites, some of which are fast deteriorating and disappearing. Moreover, it will provide real insight into the cultural diversity of the nation, its history, identity and knowledge, thereby, advancing the spirit of cultural pluralism .
Map of Pakistan with museum locations having Gandharan Collection World Heritage Sites in Pakistan
The Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention
The World Heritage Committee, the main body in charge of the implementation of the Convention, has developed precise criteria for the inscription of properties on the World Heritage List and for the provision of international assistance under the World Heritage Fund. Read more...


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