Regular Programme 2010-2011 (Past Interventions)

 Extra-budgetary projects (Past Interventions)
1. Sustainable Urbanization
2. Safeguarding Moenjodaro
3. Mapping of Culture Assets
 Other projects (Past Interventions)
1. Reviving Livelihood through Handicrafts in Post-Conflict Areas of Swat
2. Conservation of Shalamar Gardens Lahore
3. Conservation of Lahore Fort
4. Emergency Assistance for Shalamar Gardens
5. Baseline Studies on Shalamar Gardens
 Other Projects (Past Interventions)

Preservation of Endangered Moveable Cultural Assets of Gandhara Art
Pakistan has inherited a wealth of rich and diverse cultural heritage - a legacy of successive civilizations which flourished in the region over the centuries. Gandhara, the cradle of Buddhist Civilization, which gave birth to the famous Gandhara Art, is first mentioned in the Rig-Veda, the religious book of Aryans. It remained one of the provinces of the Achaemenian Empire as per Darius inscription of the 6th century BC.
Pushkalavati (Balahisar-Charsadda in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan) was its first capital from the 6th century BC to 1st century AD, which was invaded in 327 BC by Alexander the Great. Later, Gandhara was ruled by Mauryans, Indo-Greeks, Scythians and Parthians rulers. Read more...
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