Improving poor urban living conditions through promoting cultural industries in Mansehra City

Sustainable Urbanization
Within the framework of “Sustainable Urbanization” (component of Joint Programme Environment-One UN) UNESCO Islamabad is responsible to demonstrate a culture project for upgrading poor urban living conditions in the target area which aims at improving urban indicators through providing training opportunities to the poor house-hold families in handicraft skills and encourage home-based income generating activities by supplying toolkits and creating linkages with local and national markets. The training and toolkits will help the urban poor community to seek employment in the emerging employment opportunities as well as through self employment initiatives. Hence the project will not only proved to be an environmental friendly activity but will also provide a decent employment to poor house-holds of urban settlements.

Objective: To improve poor urban living conditions in the specified areas of Mansehra District through training local women in handicraft skills, supplying toolkits and encourage home-based income generating activities.

1. Situation analysis of existing crafts and needs assessment.
2. Establishing home-based-craft-training-centers in the target areas.
 Identifying local artisans or house-holds already engage in the handicraft activities.
 Encouraging local artisans or house-holds to establish training home based training centers.
3. Training semi-skilled youth especially women in designing and quality assurance of handicrafts also including environmental friendly products.
4. Supplying toolkits to the trained artisans and encouraging home-based micro enterprises.
5. Creating linkages of the home-based enterprises with outlets in local and national markets and identifying credit facilities.
 Identifying outlets boutiques engaged in sales/production of handicrafts products.
 Identifying NGO’s and other organization engaged in promoting/marketing handicrafts.
 Marketing campaign should also include a component of Awareness Raising to the outlets for enhancing the use of environmental friendly products, for example replacing polythene bags with cloth bags or paper bags.
 Promotional material.

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