STEP - Main Activities

A) Project office establishment and management

The project office is to be established at the government premise. If necessary, it is refurbished. All equipment such as vehicles, computers, printers and furniture will be purchased in UN procurement procedures. The project is to be completed at the end of 2008. The running cost of the office is ensured until then.

B) Human resource and National Committee (NC)

There will be 8 staff to be employed under this project in addition to the Chief Technical Advisor. 8 staff consists of one project manager (international), two national project officers, two secretaries, one administrative assistant, and two drivers. NC will consist of representatives form provincial and area governments. NC will function as the advisory body of the project and will largely facilitate to validate technical documents developed under this project.

C) Developing a framework for policy dialogue and coordination

The framework of teacher education is the key document in this project. Based on the situation analysis and the strategic framework, this policy framework will be developed with through comprehensive consultations of stakeholders at the national and provincial levels.

D) Enhancing the coordination of interventions in teacher education

Pointed out in documents and reports, there are many initiatives, projects and programme on teacher education in Pakistan. To avoid reinvent wheels, it is important to connect those initiatives and share useful materials and manuals. It is also important to accumulate information of experiences and developed materials so that anyone/ any organization could benefit from.

E) Developing a strategic framework for teacher education

A strategic framework is the document to support developing the policy framework of teacher education. The strategic framework is to be drafted and shared with stakeholders and members of NTC for its validation.

F) Eveloping national standards for teacher accreditation and certification

National standards for teacher accreditation and certification will be developed in line with the strategic framework and policy framework. In general, this document is to set standards to accredit teacher education programmes. Under this activity, the guideline and institutional arrangement of the national authority/body for teacher accreditation and certification will be developed. The authority will put the national standard into practice.

G) Creating the teacher network, school network, public & private partnership

To continuously build capacity of teachers, information and materials need to be disseminated through the network of teachers at regular intervals. The public and private cooperation for teacher education/training will be sought and promoted under this activity. In 2008, an international conference will be held with participants from a number of counties to address issues and challenges in teacher accreditation and certification.

H) Identifying and considering scaling up proven innovations and best practices in teacher education

This activity will be carried out in line with activity D mentioned above. Collecting information about teacher education/training programmes and projects in Pakistan, some evaluation or further studies for innovative and successful programme will be carried out. Staff in PITE and other government organizations providing in-service training will be oriented with those successful programmes and trained to be able to deliver those training.

I) Developing strategies for improving the status of teachers and teacher profession

A comparative study on the teacher status in South Asia /International will be carried out. Based on the result of the study, policy dialogue meetings will be held at the national and provincial level. Based on the discussion on those dialogue meeting, a strategy to improve the status of teachers will be developed. Under this activity, the World Teacher Day in 2007 and 2008 will be largely observed with very high government officials like, Prime Minister or President.