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Resources - Inclusive & Child Friendly Education
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48th Session of the International Conference of Education

(518 KB)

Inclusive education: Policy to rhetoric but what about practice

(2.70 MB)

Changing Teaching Practices

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Published by: UNESCO Paris


Changing an Inclusive Education Agenda

(737 KB)

Human Rights and Democracy Education in Schools

(519 KB)

The Development of Education

(74.6 KB)


Open File on Inclusive Education

(7.88 MB)

Inclusive Education Road Map

(2.38 MB)

Inclusive education, inclusive curriculum and inclusive teachers

(2.55 MB)


Regional Preparatory Conference on Inclusive Education

(384 KB)

Developed by: International Beureau of Education

What is inclusive education?

(6.71 MB)

Overcoming Exclusion through Inclusive Approaches in Education

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Regional Preparatory Workshop on Inclusive Education

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