Becoming Literate
Non Formal Education Resource Library

National Curriculum for Literacy (2007)

This curriculum document is produced by UNESCO Islamabad with support of the Curriculum Wing Ministry of Education, Islamabad. It contains three key elements: Basic Literacy and Numeracy, Functional Literacy and Income Generating Skills

CDROM: Non-Formal Education
Resource Library (2007)

This CDROM on Non-Formal Education Resource Library is produced by UNESCO Islamabad in collaboration with National Commission for Human Development (NCHD), BUNYAD & PACADE NGOs. The objective is to accumulate and compile documents and materials of literacy and continuing education in
Urdu, other local languages and English as a national resource database. This CDROM responds to all needs of NFE planners and practitioners at all levels in the country in an effort to promote literacy and continuing education.

CDROM: ICT-based Literacy Kit

ICT based literacy kit was developed, in collaboration with NCHD Islamabad, the lead agency working in the field of Adult Literacy in Pakistan. Its aim was to make use of digital technology in making lessons more interesting and provide an additional skill to the learner to improve his/her way of life. The kit includes a (Computer Based Training) CBT to facilitate an illiterate person to be literate through interactive learning with attractive audio and visuals. The kit is being piloted at ICT literacy centers of NCHD in urban and semi-urban areas.

Gender Mainstreaming in Literacy
Programmes, 2007 (Advocacy folder)

The folder contains three types of materials:
1. Booklet: (produced both in English and Urdu)
"A Guide to Develop Gender Responsive Literacy Programmes"
2. Literacy brochure: (produced both in English and Urdu)
3. Year planner 2008: "What are you doing for gender equality this year?
4. Compact Disk (CD): Soft copy of booklet material

This advocacy folder presents information on gender mainstreaming in literacy programmes and shares strategies for developing gender responsive literacy programmes in Pakistan. It has been developed to assist "Capacity Building for Improving Quality and Scope of Literacy Programmes in Pakistan"; a UNESCO's project under the Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE).

Adult Literacy Materials - three booklets
and teaching and learning aids (Urdu,

1. Community Learning Centres,
2. Adult literacy principles
3. Adult literacy: Teaching and Learning Methods

This resource pack covers following key areas:
Management, Teaching and Learning in Adult Literacy Centres. An interactive ICT based teaching and learning aid has also been produced that will be used for professional development programme of teachers and Facilitators in Pakistan under LIFE project.

Introducing Community Learning
Centres in Pakistan (2008)


1. A small booklet tiled "Introducing Community Learning Centres (CLCs) in Pakistan". (Urdu and English)
2. CLC brochure
3. A poster on "Establishing Community Learning Centre"

The aim of this guidebook is to introduce the concept of Community Learning Centre (CLC) in Pakistan. This booklet is for all those who are involved or aspiring to get involved in CLC in any capacity - Organizer, Manager, Management Committee Members, Community, Government Officials, Non-Government Staff or a Concerned Citizen. The booklet will be widely used in Pakistan to promote and sustain CLC activities.

Advocacy booklet on innovative and successful literacy approaches

Since this booklet has been prepared in English and Urdu languages, it will be widely used in the capacity building workshops in order to learn from other countries practices and lessons. It is very important not only for literacy practitioners but also for policy makers to look into successful cases to advance literacy in Pakistan. It could be even shared with other countries.

LIFE Country Report (draft- 2008)


A Brief Progress Report on LIFE Activities in Pakistan (2008)


Progress report 2006-2008

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