Becoming Literate
Non Formal Education Resource Library
  • Joint Educational Adviser, Projects Wing, Ministry of Education, Islamabad
  • Secretary Literacy & Non-Formal Education Punjab Lahore
  • The representative of Curriculum Wing
  • Managing Director, Elementary Education Foudation NWFP
  • Director Literacy Non-Formal Education Sindh, Karachi
  • Director, Directorate of Social Welfare Quetta, Balochistan
  • Director of Education, Education Directorate, FATA, Peshawar
  • Representative of Education Department, FANA Gilgit
  • Deputy Director/In charge Literacy Programme, Directorate of Education Muzaffarabad, AJK.
  • Representative of NCHD
  • Representative of BUNYAD (NGO) Punjab, Lahore
  • Representative of Sindh Education Foundation, Karachi, Sindh
  • Representative of KHWIANDU KORE (KK), (NGO) NWFP Peshawar
  • Representative of SCSPEB, Quetta, Balochistan
  • Chairperson PACADE, Punjab, Lahore
  • Project Director, NFBE Project, Project Wing, M/o Education, Islamabad
  • Deputy Secretary General, PNCU
  • Dr. Muhammad Saleem, Deputy Educational Advisor/LIFE Focal Person, Projects Wing, M/o Education

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