World Teachers' Day in Quetta

Government of Baluchistan will be launching gender free schools across Baluchistan. Presently we have some twenty schools running in different districts. Mr. Munir Ahmad Badini Secretary Education Government of Baluchistan said at the celebration of World teachers Day at Baluchistan Boy Scouts Headquarters organized by Directorate of Schools with the support of UNESCO and Save The Children. He further said that soon his department will be introducing uniforms for teachers so that they shall give a separate and respectful look. Mr. Badini said that teachers are the main pillars of any society and they can make and break any society. Societies which respect their teachers go a long way in the development of their country and nations.

Addressing a gathering of NGOs, Teachers, Civil Society members, students and media personal he went on to say that Government of Baluchistan will be initiating a university of excellence for teacher training and capacity building. He said that PITE will be doing this job and will be working as Centre of excellence for teachers. Government has initiated a reform agenda where she will be separating Executive and Academic cadres as good teachers can't be good administrators and vice versa. While saluting teachers he commended the role played by UNESCO in the uplift of Education in Baluchistan.

World Teachers' Day was celebrated by Directorate of Schools in collaboration with UNESCO and Save The Children in a simple but graceful manner at Quetta. The children, teachers and parents participated in it. Activities included debate competition, painting, skits and tubules. A division base essay competition was also held at all six divisions of the province in which teachers wrote essays on the theme "Take a stand for teacher". A special full page supplement was published in the Jang newspaper which not only highlighted the services of the teachers but also shared achievements of the department over the years.

Additional Director speaking on the occasion saluted the teachers and paid homage to teachers. He specially thanked UNESCO and lauded its support for the development of Education in Baluchistan. He promised to make it a permanent feature of Directorate in the years to come.

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