Earthquake Response Programme


Earthquake Response Programme

Project Theme Education
Project Title Earthquake Response Programme (ERP)
Duration November 2005 - December 2008
Total Project Budget USD 3,163,607.00
Funding Sources - DFID - USD 1,453,441.00
- Government of Japan -
  USD 1,432,101.00
- UNESCO - USD 278,065.00
Implementing Partners - Basic Education Community Schools.
- Earthquake Reconstruction and
  Rehabilitation Authority.
- Department of Education.
- Directorate of Education Extension.
- Directorate of Curriculum and
  Teacher Education.
- Directorate of Social Welfare and
  Women's Development.
- National Vocational and Technical
  Education Commission.
- National Commission for Human
- National Education Foundation.
- Norwegian Refugee Council.
- Pakistan Association for Disabled
- Provincial Institute of Teacher
- PAK Technical Education and
  Vocational Training Authority.
Location Earthquake Affected Areas of Pakistan Administered Kashmir
Project Officer Vickram Chhetri
Contact (email) v.chhetri@unesco.org
Earthquake Response Programme (ERP)
The 2005 earthquake in Pakistan left approximately 6,000 schools and educational institutions fully or partially destroyed. More than 1,800 teachers and 18,000 school children in North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Pakistan Administered State of Kashmir (PAK) lost their lives. In NWFP, 46% of schools and colleges were destroyed while in PAK 96% schools and colleges were destroyed. Most of the facilities and buildings of the Education Departments of NWFP and PAK were also destroyed or damaged by the earthquake. The return to schools, and improvement in the education sector was recognized as a significant factor for recovery, reconstruction and wellbeing of the children and youth, and as a basis for economic growth and social stability.

ERP adopted a holistic approach to the revival of the education system, assisting the national and provincial governments to build back an education system even better than before the earthquake. Five main areas were identified for recovery and reconstruction, with each programme area having distinctly laid out objectives.

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