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National Professional Officer

Mr. Raza Shah

 UNESCO Japan Project on Flood Management:

Natural Sciences

In face of the emerging challenges and untapped opportunities, it has become rather crucial to call for a National Commitment, a "New Social Contract" whereby UNESCO pledges to be pro-active rather than reactive to the emerging realities. UNESCO Islamabad envisions being a dynamic partner in Pakistan's ST&I system development by facilitating in the spheres of policy coordination and support, institutional capacity building, and project assistance. To augment its role in forging a well-defined policy roadmap it tends to further its participation at Ministerial level 'federal and particularly provincial' in development of practical, accomplishable action-plans especially in the aftermath of the newly approved S&T policy and the Framework for Economic Growth. At institutional level, it ends to promote the capacity building of public and private enterprises for research and implementation so that programs are not just made but executed. Lastly, at the project level, UNESCO in collaboration with sister agencies is apt to assist critical economic, social and environmental initiatives at the grass root through financial and technical support, to not only enhance the efficiency but to broaden their reach for wider impact. Through such policy-project-partners coherence UNESCO believes in eliciting a multiplier effect for better-life and prosperous future.
Key focus areas of the sector are:
 Promote research and technical capacity-building for the sound management of natural resources for disaster preparedness and mitigation.
 Strengthen national research and innovation systems, capacity-building, the use of technologies and scientific networking.
 Encourage the development and implementation of science, technology and innovation policies for sustainable development and poverty reduction.