Seminar on Water Conservation & Food Security

A Seminar on Water Conservation and Food security was jointly organized by UNESCO Islamabad and COMSATS on March 22, 2012. The objective of the seminar was to raise awareness among the academics and student community about the
scarcity of potable water and the issue of food security that is intricately tied to the availability of water. The seminar was hosted by Dean of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (RIC) and attended by Director UNESCO Islamabad, representatives of UNDP Islamabad, Advisors, Chairpersons, Professors and students of Islamabad campus.

The seminar was inaugurated by Dean of Research, Innovation and Commercialization on behalf of Rector CIIT. Dean RIC also chaired the seminar. The issues related to water scarcity and judicious use of water was raised in the opening remarks on which the subsequent presentations were made by highly experienced faculty members of CIIT and the UNESCO Water Expert.

On behalf of UNESCO, Dr. Shahbaz Khan’s presentation focused on the water issue with reference to energy needs of the growing world population. The speaker also showed the correlation between irrigation management, crop growth, social benefits related to water and Eco-services. The water scarcity in the near future, according to UNESCO, is closely related to Geo-political changes, technological changes, population growth & life cycle and the climate changes.

 Report on World Water Day 2012 Seminar
  "Water Conservation and Food Security"

 Global and National Perspectives on Water and Food Security
  Prof. Dr. Shahbaz Khan

 Water Resources Management in the Indus Basin
  Dr. Khalid Riaz

 Water, Food, Energy - Dr. Ismat Shah